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Alex Terrier

American School Of Music, Mingus Big Band

"I use Select Jazz reeds when I need my sound to cut through, for instance in a big band saxophone section."


"I use La Voz reeds when I want a warmer sound for a more intimate setting."


ABOUT Alex Terrier


Born in Paris in 1980, saxophonist Alex Terrier began his musical journey studying classical piano. However, things changed around age eight when he first heard Duke Ellington and the sound of saxophonist Johnny Hodges. From that day on, Alex Terrier has been dedicating his life to Jazz. His early influences included Duke Ellington, Memphis Slim, Fats Domino, and Sydney Bechet, as these were the few LPs he found in his father's home office. 

Alex received the French equivalent of a Music Technology diploma in 1999. He received a Médaille d'Or at the Ecole Nationale de Musique d'Evry, before attending Berklee College of Music in 2004. He graduated from Berklee in 2007 with a Dual Degree in Performance and Jazz Composition. Since then, Alex has been living in New York City. He is an indie artist and acts as a band leader, composer, arranger, and teacher. He splits his time between New York City, where he is a member of the Mingus Big Band, and Paris, where he teaches at the American School of Modern Music.

As a teacher, Alex Terrier has been appreciated both by private students and in a class environment. The most common feedback he receives is how passionate he is to share his knowledge, and his genuine interest in students' progress.



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