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Daniel Morera

Philharmonic Orchestra Costa Rica


"Select Jazz Reeds provide me a powerfully warm sound, amazing projection, and flexibility."



ABOUT Daniel Morera

Daniel Morera is one of the most outstanding saxophone players in the Costa Rican music scene. Since 2014, he has played with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Costa Rica. During the orchestra's full seasons, he has shared the stage with renowned artists in the Costa Rican and international scene, in addition to performing as a soloist.

Daniel has played with artists such as Fito Páez, Adrian Goizueta, Danilo Montero, Arnoldo Castillo, Escats, Humberto Vargas, Jarabe de Palo, and Natalia Lafourcade. He has also opened for international performers such as Juan Luis Guerra, Franco De Vita, Alejandro Sanz, and Michael Bolton.

His preparation, focus, and dedication have allowed him to perform on the most important stages and venues in Costa Rica, such as Teatro Nacional, Parque Viva Auditorium, and Teatro Popular Melico Salazar. At the latter, he has performed several full seasons with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Costa Rica.

Daniel has also been an instructor for the National System of Musical Education, part of the Ministry of Culture, since 2009.



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