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Dick de Graaf

Dick de Graaf Quartet; Duo Split Level; Bach Reflections

"Select Jazz Filed reeds add a sufficient amount of higher frequencies to my rather dark sound on the soprano saxophone."


ABOUT Dick de Graaf


From the early eighties on, Dutch tenor saxophonist Dick de Graaf has performed on countless jazz stages around the world. Beginning with his 1986 debut LP Hot, Hazy and Humid he’s played and toured as a soloist and as a leader of a variety of projects, in addition to touring and recording with the likes of Chet Baker, Misha Mengelberg, Kenny Weeler, Tom Harrell, Billy Hart, Toumani Diabaté, Erkan Ogur, and Jasper van 't Hof.

In is his time as a bandleader, composer, arranger, and self-managing artist, de Graaf has recorded and produced over 30 CD's, many of them released on his own record label Soundroots Records founded in 2006. In the context of his PhD studies on the employment of 20th century compositional techniques in advanced improvisational techniques, he released his saxophone quartet CARILLON (2013) and his quartet project BIRD BUZZ (2017).

To mark the occasion of his 40-year anniversary as a jazz musician, in September 2021, Dick's jubilee album Festive was released by Dutch record label ZenneZ Records. This vinyl album also contains an album book containing de Graaf's biographic notes about his journey as a performer from the early 80-ties until today.




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