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Harold Guillén-Monge


"With D'Addario's Select Jazz Reeds I found what I was looking for. It is a reed that offers me a special shine, without forcing the sound, or losing the feeling of power. "

ABOUT Harold Guillén-Monge


Harold Guillén-Monge is one of the most active saxophonists on the Costa Rican music scene. At a young age, he ventured into popular music, while integrating the most prominent styles from his native Costa Rica. In the process, he has shared the stage with renowned artists from the Latin American tropical musical environment.


In 2009, he was invited to join one of the most renowned chamber groups in Latin America, SONSAX saxophone and percussion quintet. With SONSAX he has toured Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Honduras, USA, Hong Kong, and many European countries. 

Harold’s work as a teacher has been ongoing since 1999 when he began teaching at the School of Musical Arts at the University of Costa Rica. Since 2002, he has been at the National Institute of Music. Faithful to a constant discipline of improvement, he has received additional training and private lessons with excellent saxophone teachers.



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