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Max Ionata

"I chose Select Jazz Reeds because they provide me with exactly the sound I have in my mind. The quality of the reed is always at the top and I get to think only about the music."


ABOUT Max Ionata


Born in 1972, Max Ionata is considered one of the most prominent Italian saxophonists on the contemporary scene. In just a few years, he's received wide appreciation by critics and audiences, successfully working in Italy and abroad.

Having published more than 70 disks with national and international artists, he's respected globally. He has performed in Japan, China, Netherlands, England, France, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, Denmark, Deutschland, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Perù, and the United States.

Max leads several projects and collaborates permanently with prestigious artists. He's played some of the most popular jazz clubs and festivals and had the privilege of working with great musicians such as Robin Eubanks, Reuben Rogers, and Clarence Penn, among many others.



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