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Pablo Porcelli

Piazzolla Tango Theatre, SADAIC - AADI

"The best thing about Select Jazz reeds is their consistency from reed to reed!"

ABOUT Pablo Porcelli

Renowned Argentine saxophonist and lecturer Pablo Porcelli has recorded in numerous projects over the last thirty years and has released numerous solo albums. He has also authored a number of educational texts. He leads the Pablo Porcelli Ensemble, which has opened for Maceo Parker and the Miles Davis Quintet.

Porcelli has served as the conductor and host of the television program El Mundo de la Musica (a music education program). He has also served as Artistic Director for the Virtual International Jazz Festival Buenos Aires in 2020. As an actor and musician, he has starred in the musicals “Jazz Around the World” (a trip around the world in jazz), “Comedy Jazz Night” (Jazz and Humor) and “Verano Porteño” (a Musical by Astor Piazzolla). 

Pablo has performed all over the world, including the United States, China, France, Spain, Chile, Bolivia, and Uruguay.




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