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Show Your Stripes 

FARMINGDALE, New York — In celebration of its spirit of individuality and rebellion, ProMark is proud to release a new rallying cry that calls on drummers worldwide to show their stripes. It’s a sign of exciting things to come, while keeping a reverent eye on the iconic history that brought ProMark to life.  

When Herb Brochstein established ProMark in 1957, his curiosity and passion for innovation led him to create a brand that would give drummers a common language to communicate their ideas and needs as players. Today ProMark continues to pay homage to Herb's legacy, not only through exploring new, inventive designs and technologies, but by ensuring drummers get to play the highest quality, most consistent pairs of sticks out there.

ProMark is more than just a pair of sticks. It’s the inspiration for all drummers—the backbone of the school band, the seasoned vet hacking it out in the studio, or the aspiring player holding a pair of sticks for the very first time—to break the barriers of convention and make their mark. 

For over 60 years, ProMark has crafted a comprehensive range of sticks for a diverse and growing roster of artists. They are the preferred choice of world-class performers like Phil Collins, Anderson .Paak, Neil Peart, Evelyn Glennie, BYOS, Glenn Kotche, Anika Nilles, Larnell Lewis, Mike Portnoy, and many more. As Brazilian drumming phenom and ProMark artist Eloy Casagrande puts it, “I use ProMark because they match everything I strive for in music, sound, and emotion.”

For some elite artists, the percussion powerhouse has become a workshop to develop their own signature sticks aiming to open that same outlet of creativity across all its players.

ProMark helps players of all kinds discover their Official Stripes—so what are yours? Help kick off this rallying cry with your audience—challenge them to share a few words and an emblematic performance, their specialized kit, or whatever else that distinguishes them as a drummer using #ShowYourStripes on Instagram. The best submissions will be included in a brand-new Official Stripes ad spot.

Sit down, grab your sticks, and #ShowYourStripes.



Media Contact - D'Addario & Co, Inc.

Zach Mongillo (zach.mongillo@daddario.com)


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