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The First and Only Certified Organic Reed

The First and Only Certified Organic Reed

The New Natural starts here. No chemicals, no pesticides, no synthetic fertilisers. We’ve taken our pursuit of incomparable consistency and unmatched playability further than ever before— finally, a reed that respects the player as much as the planet.

D’Addario Organics Select Jazz

Our fully-organic process lends chemical-free peace-of-mind to the same superior projection, clarity, and vibrancy Select Jazz is renowned for.

D’Addario Organics Reserve

Our exact same next-gen digital vamping technology, depth of tone, and ease of response— now made organically so you can focus on your sound.



The New Natural.

These reeds represent our belief in a new way of doing things, one that's better for players and the earth they play on. A new standard for the entire industry. A new normal. A new natural.

The New Respect

Our Certified Organic reeds are protected with brand-new paper reed holders, eliminating thousands of kilos of plastic waste each year.

The New Confidence

As the first and only Certified Organic reeds available, we’re taking our standard of uncompromising quality and consistency even further. Breathe easier. Play better.

The New Tradition

We’re 100% inspired by our French roots— even our Argentinian cane started life
 as French rhizomes.

The New Standard

From field to machining, our reeds meet full USDA organic certification standards.

The New Commitment

Organic Reserve and Select Jazz reeds are just the first step in our journey. By 2025, 100% of our all-cane reed products will be 100% Certified Organic.




Want to know exactly when the world's first and only certified organic reeds become available in your region? Drop your info below and we’ll keep you updated.