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For the past nine generations, we've followed a simple mission: create products that inspire higher levels of musical performance. But this doesn't just start in the lab or the warehouse. 




Since Charles D'Addario immigrated to America in 1905, we've approached every day looking at life through the perspective of a pioneer.




And to this day, we are constantly going into uncharted sonic territories. If a product sounds good, it's not good enough.

So, we get down to the details to solve problems that musicians didn't even know existed. This could be finding the perfect surface for a drumhead. Infusing a new alloy in a core wire. Or meticulously inspecting miles of cane fields in France and Argentina to ensure our reeds are the most balanced in the business.


winding 900 x 914

This relentless pursuit of perfection is how we pioneered products like Phosphor Bronze in 1974. It's how we built the first automated string-winding machine. And it's how we've earned more patents in musical products than any other company in our industry.

It's also how we've acquired companies like Evans and Planet Waves, Promark and Kaplan. In these partnerships, the products don't just get better – the entire industry standard is elevated.

There's a unifying principle to all of this. And that's to drive the music industry forward with every innovation – whether it's through our products, or through initiatives like Playback, the world's leading string recycling program. Or through the D'Addario Foundation, which donates a percentage of our profits to music programs in underprivileged communities.

We continually innovate so that everyone who works in music – from the players to the technicians, the managers to the guitar manufacturers – can keep inspiring musical performances that last for generations.

Maybe nine more if we're lucky.

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