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With D’Addario Learn & Earn, we share some interesting D'Addario facts, then ask you a few questions to test your knowledge. Every quiz you complete will get you 50 Player Circle points and that much closer to taking home D’Addario products.


Acoustic Alloy

D’Addario acoustic guitar strings are made from two main parts: “core” wire and “wrap” wire. The wrap wire used for our acoustic strings differs significantly from set to set because the wrap wire for each is made from a different alloy (or metal). The alloy, and the wrap wire it produces, is the most important aspect of each acoustic string since it creates the strings’ defining tone.  


80/20 Bronze

80/20 Bronze strings have the brightest tone of any D'Addario acoustic string, thanks to the unique 80/20 Bronze wrap wire. The 80/20 Bronze alloy was developed by John D'Addario Sr. and guitar maker John D'Angelico in the 1930s.

Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor Bronze sets use wrap wire made from an alloy of the same name, which delivers beautiful sonic balance and tonal warmth suitable for all musical genres, making them D’Addario’s best-selling acoustic string. Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings were developed in the early 1970s by Jim D’Addario as a more corrosion resistant alternative to 80/20 Bronze.

Nickel Bronze

Nickel Bronze strings are our most natural sounding acoustic strings, using nickel-plated phosphor bronze wrap wire to highlight the guitar’s true tone. Nickel Bronze strings were launched in 2016 by D’Addario and include NY Steel cores with our Fusion Twist technology for exceptional tuning stability.

Flat Tops

Flat Tops also use phosphor bronze wrap wire, but the wrap wire on these sets is precision ground and polished semi-flat, resulting in less finger noise. These half round strings are a D’Addario innovation, excellent for use in recording.

Gypsy Jazz

Gypsy Jazz strings use silver-plated copper wrap wire to deliver the beautifully percussive and projecting tone heard in early acoustic jazz. This set was originally made by John D’Addario Sr. for legendary luthier Mario Maccaferri, whose longer scale Gypsy Jazz guitars were made famous by players like Django Reinhardt.

Silk & Steel

Silk & Steel were designed to be our warmest, mellowest acoustic guitar strings, made with silver-plated copper wrap wire. The name “Silk & Steel” actually refers to the core wire, which is made from a combination of silk and steel, providing a lighter tension than standard strings.

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