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A capo is an easy way to change the key of a song, without changing the chord shapes being used. With a capo, you can quickly adjust to better suit a vocalist or give a song a new vibe. By sliding the capo up the neck to the desired fret and securing it, you’ll instantly be in another key. 


How Capos Work

The core function of all capos is the same—they apply tension to the strings across the fretboard and, by doing so, give the strings a new endpoint, changing the pitch of the open string. Functionally, this means if you play open-string chords with a capo on, the chords will be different. While D’Addario makes a few different types of capos, all D’Addario capos are made with micrometer tension adjustment, which allows players to dial in the right amount of pressure for their instrument and avoid pulling strings out of tune with too much force—a common problem with standard capos.

Trigger Capos

Triggers capos, including the D’Addario Tri-Action and Artist capos, function using an adjustable spring which automatically clamps down on the neck. Both models use our patented “Tri-Action geometry” to reduce the force required to open and close the capo, all while applying even tension across the neck. The difference between these two capos is that the Tri-Action handle sits behind the neck, while the handle of an Artist Capo sits in front of the fretboard.

Screw Capos

Screw capos may take a bit longer to dial in, but you can achieve the perfect pressure, and the sleek design assures you’ll barely notice it. D’Addario Pro, Pro Plus, and Capo Lite feature a patented micrometer adjustment mechanism which allows players to dial in the exact tension needed for clear notes, without excessive force in any position on the neck. Pro Plus also features our revolutionary FlexFit™ technology, which mimics the anatomy of the human finger when fretting a string.

Cradle Capos

With its stainless steel, self-centering design, the Cradle Capo is a premium option for players who are particular about their tension. In addition to the micrometer tension adjustment which lets you dial in the perfect pressure, the Cradle Capo’s main benefit is that it remains around the neck of the instrument for quick transitions and can be stored above the nut when not in use (even when the instrument is in the case).

FlexFit™ Technology

Our revolutionary FlexFit™ Technology is a unique rubber we designed to automatically adjust to the contours of any fretboard, of any radius. FlexFit mimics the anatomy of the human finger, giving you the optimal pressure on every string, so you never have to worry about unwanted buzzing, muted strings, or intonation issues. FlexFit is currently used on the D’Addario Pro Plus Capo and will be added to more of our capo models soon.

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