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Play. Plant. Preserve.

Environmental impact is likely not at the front of most drummers’ minds when choosing a drumstick, but it’s a top priority for ProMark. We strive to not only make the best feeling, most consistent drumsticks available, but to do so in the most sustainable, environmentally conscious way. That’s why ProMark began Play. Plant. Preserve. in 2011, a revolutionary initiative that replants the trees used to make drumsticks.


The Environmental Impact of Making Drumsticks

Making drumsticks requires a lot of trees. According to our research, the entire industry uses approximately 1,500 trees a day to produce drumsticks.

ProMark’s Landmark Reforestation Program

In 2013, ProMark began a partnership with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to replant 100% the trees we cut down. By 2021— just 8 years after launching the initiative — we achieved that goal, officially replanting 100% of the trees ProMark has used to make sticks throughout the company’s history. Today, ProMark continues to plant over 85,000 seedlings every year to restore forests and raise new ones.

A Net-Neutral Industry by 2043

But achieving net-neutral consumption as a brand wasn’t enough. ProMark is doubling down on its commitment, setting an even more ambitious goal — creating a net-neutral industry by 2043.

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