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As a pioneer in sustainability, D’Addario is always looking for ways to offset impact and protect the environment. We took our environmental commitment to the next level when we created Playback, the world’s leading string recycling program. Knowing that musical instrument strings are not included in municipal recycling and that an estimated 1.5 million lbs. of strings are put into landfills every year, we decided to take action. 


About Playback

Through the Playback program, we facilitate the collection of used metal and nylon guitar and orchestral strings, then send them to our partner, TerraCycle, to be recycled and repurposed. Besides encouraging individuals to send us their strings, we also have recycling bins in retailers and schools around the U.S. This gives more individuals access and assures that the biggest string consumers have string recycling readily accessible. Our goal is to help facilitate 100% recycling and upcycling of strings to minimize not just our own impact, but our entire industry's.

Powered By TerraCycle

Playback is powered by TerraCycle, an international upcycling and recycling company which repurposes materials into innovative new materials and products. With its global capabilities, they help us turn waste into worth. Once received, TerraCycle metal strings are melted down and smelted into new alloys. The nylon is recycled into industrial plastic applications.

How to Use Playback

With Playback, U.S. residents can recycle used guitar and orchestral strings, in one of two ways: Individuals who want to recycle must first be Players Circle members, then collect a minimum of 5lbs. of strings. Once 5 lbs. of strings are collected, members can print a shipping label and send us their strings for free—and in return, get 100 points for every .25 lbs sent in. If you have less than 5 lbs., you can find a local recycling center. Check the Playback homepage to find one near you.

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