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Sensory Percussion

The EVANS Hybrid Sensory Percussion Sound System seamlessly transforms your acoustic drum kit into a powerful controller for electronic music. Using special sensors, not triggers, in combination with software from our partner Sunhouse, Sensory Percussion allows you to create and control multiple sounds with each drum, using the skills and techniques you already possess.


What Can You Do with Sensory Percussion?

With Sensory Percussion, the possibilities are endless. You can sustain an entire solo performance from a drum throne. You can support a band with beautifully layered samples and effects. You can use realistic drum sounds to practice quietly. You can expand how you compose and arrange to create uniquely original music. The truth is, we’ve only just begun to see what’s possible with Sensory Percussion.

How Does it Work?

Sensory Percussion uses small sensors attached to your drums to capture the nuances of your technique. The sensors create up to 10 individual zones per drum and send a unique signal to the EVANS Portal interface based on where you hit. The Portal relays the signal to the proprietary Sunhouse software, which uses machine learning to interpret your playing and map it to any sounds you choose.

How Many Sounds Are There?

Sensory Percussion software offers over 100 presets, with more available for download. These cover a range of sounds and styles—from classic electronic drums, melodic tones, and chords to faithful recreations of acoustic drum sets. These kits can be tweaked and remixed, or you can start a new kit from scratch using over 2300 raw samples. The software also currently includes 17 effects modules with classic effects like delays, reverbs, filters, and EQs. You can expand your soundscape even further using MIDI functionality and sounds you record or pull from your sample library.

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