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With D’Addario Learn & Earn, we fill you in on what makes our products great, then ask you a few questions to test your knowledge. Every quiz you complete will get you Players Circle points and that much closer to taking home more of the D’Addario products you’re learning about.

In this Learn section, you'll get to know XL, our flagship electric strings. Once you read through the information here, move on to the XL Earn section, take the quiz and collect 50 Players Circle points if you answer all the questions correctly!


D’Addario XL strings are our main line of electric strings. There are 5 different types of XL strings, each with their own special characteristic. Even though they’re unique from each other in some way, it’s helpful to remember that every XL electric guitar string is made from two main parts: “Core” wire and “wrap” wire. For XLs, the core wire is always made from high carbon steel and shaped like a hexagon—which helps to secure the wrap wire in place around it. The wrap wire, however, differs from set to set.  


XL Nickel Wound

XL Nickel Wound is made with nickel-plated steel wrap wire, which creates a bright, versatile tone that’s great for most styles, making it our most popular electric string. Pioneered by D’Addario, XL Nickel is the sound of guitar legends like Joe Satriani and Pat Metheny.

XL Chromes

XL Chromes are made with flattened stainless-steel wrap wire, giving them the warmest, mellowest sound of any D’Addario electric string. Trusted by blues and jazz players everywhere, including Gary Clark Jr.

XL Half Rounds

XL Half Rounds are made with stainless steel wrap wire, which then gets polished down, providing a smoother feel than XL Nickel, but a fuller tone than XL Chromes. Only available from D’Addario, these strings are great for recording and slide guitar.

XL Pure Nickel

XL Pure Nickel strings use pure nickel wrap wire, the same wrap wire that was popular in the 50s, to revive the rich, clean tones heard in early blues and rock & roll. The original rock and roll strings, expertly crafted on modern string winders.

XL ProSteels

XL ProSteels make use of our proprietary stainless-steel wrap wire to generate more treble from a guitar’s pickups, which gives them the brightest sound of all the XLs. The exclusive stainless-steel wire is made for enhanced interaction with magnetic pickups.

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