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With D’Addario Learn & Earn, we share some interesting D'Addario facts, then ask you a few questions to test your knowledge. Every quiz you complete will get you 50 Player Circle points and that much closer to taking home D’Addario products.


XPND pedalboards

XPND is the pedalboard that adapts to you. With an ultra-durable aluminum build and patented telescoping technology, XPND lets you instantly change the size of your board and number of pedals—forever expanding your sonic potential. XPND also features a unique cable management system and comes pre-fitted with loop Velcro, assuring everything stays neat, while making swapping pedals super easy.


Telescoping Technology

What makes XPND one-of-a-kind is the patented telescoping technology. With this unique design, you can easily slide XPND in or out to give you the perfect amount of space for your pedals. XPND 1 is built to accommodate one row of pedals and is expandable from 13.75” to 24.75”. XPND 2 is built to accommodate two rows of pedals and is expandable from 17.5” to 31.75”.

Cable Management System

If you’ve already built a pedalboard, you know that running cables might be the most challenging part. Even when you get it right, it can look a little messy. XPND’s cable management system gives you an easy way to keep it organized. The included cable clips create a channel between the rails which you can use to keep all your cables in line and out of the way.

Pre-Fitted Loop Velcro

You read that right—every XPND board comes with tour-grade loop Velcro already applied to both sides of the board’s rails, so you have one less thing to worry about when building your pedalboard. All you have to do is stick the included hook Velcro onto your pedals and place them where you want…as many times as you want.

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