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String players can practice relentlessly to become great at their instrument, but without the right supporting items, musical success can still be difficult. After all, no matter how good you are, you won't be able to nail your part if the sheet music is flying off your stand or a string breaks.

The best players know what items they need to be prepared — and they keep them in their case. If you want to play like a professional (and save yourself a lot of grief), you should too.

Here are five essential items that you should keep in your case:


Keep an extra set of strings in your case — just in case! 


You should always have a cleaning cloth in your case to wipe down your
strings after playing. Rosin build-up decreases the life of your strings


If you’re rehearsing outdoors more than usual this year, have some clothespins in your case to keep your music from flying away.


Nail clippers can be very handy in case you arrive at a rehearsal or performance and realize your nails are a little too long to play comfortably.


Your instrument endures numerous temperature and humidity changes throughout the day. A humidification pack will keep the humidity in your case more consistent and will protect the quality of your instrument’s wood.



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