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Mouthpieces are crucial for producing a rich, full tone. But without proper care, they can become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria, colorful mold, and boast all kinds of chips and scratches. Each of these issues negatively affects your sound.

However, if you follow these five simple tips, you'll be able to keep your mouthpiece clean, scratch-free, and sounding great!


Patches protect your mouthpiece from your top teeth. They also provide added cushion for comfort.


Store your ligature separately from your mouthpiece to prevent scratches to the table.


Mouthpiece brushes are abrasive and unnecessary. Swap it for silk!


Silk swabs clean well, won’t get stuck on the inside of the instrument and are washable.


A mouthpiece cap saves reeds from drying out during rests. It also protects the tip of the mouthpiece from damage when not playing or when storing your instrument.