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New strings are great — but so are strings that play like new. With a few simple tips you can keep your strings sounding and playing fresh longer, while extending their overall life and saving yourself some dough on string purchases.


Choose your strings!

Don't rosin too much – all you need are 2-3 swipes before every playing session. If you add too much rosin to your bow, it may build up on your strings and wear them down prematurely.


Wiping down your strings with a microfiber polishing cloth after each playing session will prevent the buildup of oils, residue, and rosin on your strings. Getting that stuff off greatly extends string life and keeps the strings vibrating unencumbered, for a nicer toner and smoother feel.

Don't over-tune i.e., tune your strings above their intended pitch. This can lead to excess pressure on your instrument and cause your strings to snap.


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