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Ukulele Capos

Our specialized ukulele capos assure that your uke is in-key for every note. Our special Tri-Action ukulele capo and Pro ukulele capos are perfect for any ukulele—soprano, tenor, concert, or baritone.

Is a ukulele capo different from a guitar capo?   

Though a ukulele capo and a guitar capo function in the same way, a ukulele capo is much smaller, so it will fit the neck of a ukulele. The size is an important difference and means that the two types of capos are not interchangeable. 

What type of capo is best for your ukulele?  

Most ukulele capos function similarly—they apply tension to the strings across the fretboard. Since they all do a similar thing, one single capo can work on multiple ukuleles. You can also use different capos on the same ukulele. Yet, there are slight differences in how different capos are designed. These differences are good to know, so you can feel confident in picking the right capo for your uke and your playing. 

Trigger Capos

The D’Addario Tri-Action Ukulele Capo is a trigger capo made specifically for uke. Built light and durable, the Tri-Action Uke Capo adds negligible weight to your uke, but can still withstand extensive gigging and travel. It uses a patented design to reduce the force required to open and close it. The micrometer tension adjustment applies direct horizontal pressure, assuring uniform clamping tension regardless of neck profile.  

Screw Capos

Screw capos feature a small dial which adjusts how much tension is placed on the neck of the acoustic guitar. Its design lends itself to having a much lower profile. While it may take slightly longer to dial in the appropriate pressure, you’ll barely notice a screw capo, which can lend a cleaner style to your acoustic. 


Everything you need to know about ukulele capos

A capo may be a small tool, but it can have a big impact on your playing. With our Lesson Room resources, you can learn all there is to know about capos. While many are written to explain guitar capos, ukulele capos function in the same way.

So, if you want to better understand the sonic and melodic changes that come from using a capo on your ukulele, check out How to Use a Capo on a Guitar. If you’re interested in how capos physically operate to change the pitch of a guitar’s strings, take a look at What Does a Capo Do For a Guitar. And if you want to learn how to place the capo correctly to get the best sounds, read How to Put a Capo on a Guitar.


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