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Guitar & Bass Straps

D’Addario straps are great for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass. From woven to leather, locking to standard, D’Addario straps span every material, color, and style, promising the right strap for every player.

About Guitar Straps

Guitar straps are an important part of playing up to your potential. They allow you to stand up while you rock out and take your hands off your guitar when you’re sitting down. They also let you add some extra flair to your aesthetic. D’Addario guitar and bass straps provide a certain level of security off the bat, but they can provide even more security with locking straps—like Auto Lock, Pad Lock, and Planet Lock, and by adding separate strap locks onto standard, non-locking straps.

How Do I Choose a Guitar Strap?

With hundreds of designs made from the best materials, it’s not always easy to know what to choose. But luckily, choosing a guitar strap mostly comes down to personal style. Other than that, there’s only a few small things to consider. 

Strap Material

Maybe you have a preference as to how a strap feels across your shoulder. Maybe wider leather feels more comfortable for you than the light, sleek, and cool feeling of woven straps. Regardless of whether it’s a look or a feel, strap material is up to you. Choose your preference from nylon, polypropylene, cotton, leather, and more. We’ve even got sustainably designed and manufactured Eco-Comfort straps.

Standard v. Locking Straps

Standard straps have ends that fit over a guitar’s end pins but do not provide any additional method of keeping the strap in place. While installing strap locks is a good option to secure an instrument, it takes time and effort. D’Addario locking straps are a great compromise. With locking straps, the strap locks are a part of the strap and secure the strap in place on top of your guitar’s standard strap ends—no modifications needed.

Strap Designs

If you want your strap to look a certain way, you’ve come to the right place. D’Addario straps cover every design players could want and more. Pitch black, skulls, wildflowers, signature artist straps, flags—every color, every pattern.


How to Put on a Guitar Strap

1. First make sure the strap is straight and flat, not twisted or knotted.

2. Locate the end nearest to the adjustable buckle. Attach that end to the end pin on the body of the instrument (nearest to the bridge).

3. Attach the other side, which usually displays the D’Addario “D” logo, to the other endpin, which will be closer to the neck of the guitar (either on the horn or behind the neck.

4. If you need a different length, simply remove the strap and slide the adjustable buckle to the desired length.

While this method will work for a large majority of straps, there are some rare variations. If you’re using an Acoustic Quick Release Strap, for example, the “end pin closer to the neck” likely doesn’t exist on your guitar and the other end will actually be attached near the headstock.

Do All Guitar Straps Fit All Guitars?

Most guitar straps fit most guitars. Often electric, acoustic, and bass guitars are made with “standard end pins,” which are almost all round-shaped and close to the same size. This means that almost any strap we make will fit over them correctly.

Besides fitting most guitars, our straps also fit most people. They’re adjustable in length so they can accommodate almost any person, at any age.


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