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Banjo Tuners

Let your banjo strings ring with confidence, thanks to D’Addario banjo tuners. Always be in-tune and on pitch, with our exceptionally accurate clip-on and micro tuners for banjo.

How to Tune a Banjo

Tuning a banjo follows the same process as most other stringed instruments—you simply adjust the tuning pegs to reach the desired pitch. You can find the desired pitch by ear, using an electronic tuner, or using a tuning fork. 

How to Tune a Banjo with an Electric Tuner

An electric tuner, like the Micro Banjo Tuner or Eclipse Tuner, is a great choice for banjo players. You simply attach the tuner to the banjo and strum each string, matching the pitch as you go. The standard 5-string banjo uses “Open G” tuning, which means the strings would be tuned to the notes of a G chord: G, D, G, B, D.

How to Tune a Banjo with a Tuning Fork 

If you’re using a tuning fork to tune a banjo, you’ll need a decent ear. Most tuning forks provide a reference pitch of A or E, so you’d have to fret either of those notes on your banjo, then match the pitch. This is not a recommended tuning method for a banjo in Open G tuning.

Online Banjo Tuner

With an online banjo tuner, you can more easily match the reference pitch. Online tuners are somewhere between an electric tuner and a tuning fork, allowing you to hear each pitch played so you can then match it to the banjo’s strings. You can tune your instruments anytime with your phone using our D’Tools app. It’s like an online tuner that never leaves your side. Get it now on the app store.



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