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For enhanced durability, better grip, or more sticks for 
a better value, ProMark has your stripes.


ProMark innovation began with enhanced stick options and a commitment to unrivaled
consistency. Now, our innovations reach even further—to reforestation and industry-wide




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As you may have noticed, drumsticks come in a variety of materials, with different
thicknesses, tapers, and tips. Sometimes they even use special technology, like our
FireGrain or ActiveGrip sticks. Understanding the different specs can help you pick the
right sticks for you.

  • Drumstick Codes

    Drumstick codes are those number/letter combinations you see on every stick. Commonly,
    you’ll see the number 2, 5, or 7, and the letters A or B. While there is technically no
    standardization, you can count on the numbers referring to diameters. The smaller the
    number, the thicker the stick. The letters reference the weight of the stick, where “A” is
    lighter than “B”. 5A is often viewed as the “middle-ground” or standard stick spec.

  • Drumstick Tips 

    Drumstick tips vary in two ways: shape and material. While many drumstick tips are
    fashioned from the same wood as the rest of the stick, some have nylon tips. Wood tips
    generally produce a warmer sound, while nylon tips have a brighter more articulate sound
    and added durability.

    Tip shape has even more options. ProMark stick tips include acorn, barrel, large round,
    small round, oval, and teardrop. The shape and corresponding size of the tip’s contact
    point determines tone and articulation.

  • Drumstick Taper

    Drumstick taper refers to where the stick’s thickness begins to narrow towards the tip. The
    taper specifically can impact how the stick rebounds when you hit the drum. You can
    choose from short, medium, or longer taper depending on the feel and rebound you prefer.
    Longer taper provides more rebound and an overall lighter feel. Short taper gives a
    heavier, forward-leaning feel with less rebound.

  • Drumstick Material

    Drumsticks are made from a few different types of wood (and occasionally other materials
    all together). The most common wood used to make drumsticks is hickory due to its
    relatively light density and good durability. On the lighter side of hickory is maple, which
    is slightly less durable, but allows for faster playing due to its extra flexibility density. By
    contrast, Oak is a heavier, denser, and more durable wood than hickory and is great for
    heavy hitters.

    Though it’s not a different kind of wood per se’, ProMark also makes FireGrain sticks.
    FireGrain puts hickory sticks through a flame-tempering process, giving them extra
    durability without adding any additional weight. We’ve also got ActiveGrip sticks, which
    use a special coating that gets stickier when you need it most—as your palms get warmer
    and sweatier.

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