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Clarinet Mouthpieces

D’Addario clarinet mouthpieces are here to help you advance your craft. Choose the best mouthpiece for your clarinet, from beginner options like Graftonite to professional level pieces like Reserve Evolution.

Does a clarinet mouthpiece make a difference? 

Mouthpieces make a difference to the tone and response of your clarinet. Based on how they’re built, they may be easier to play or give a richer, fuller tone


How often do I need to replace a mouthpiece on my clarinet?  

If you’re wondering when you should replace a mouthpiece, you’ll want to pay attention to the response and ease of play. If it seems to have changed for the worse, you should consider replacing your mouthpiece. On average, players do so every 2-3 years.  


What size clarinet mouthpiece do I need? 

Beginners usually need a clarinet mouthpiece with a medium-sized tip opening for the easiest learning experience. 


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