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A Mission of Quality
Colored guitar string ball ends

A Mission of Quality

Once upon a time, there were no reliable, consistent strings. That’s why we got started. Since then we’ve never stopped improving what a string can be and do for your playing.


From building our own machines to achieving the highest level of consistency in the industry, we do it all better because we do it all in one place. 

Tightest Tolerances

Every string we make is made right under our nose, to the highest standards for consistency ever achieved in string making.

Those Colored Ballends

We created them in the 1980s to reduce packaging and make string changing fast and easier. They’ve become a universal signal of quality in the music world.

D’Addario Lab

We raised the production standards for so many products, we had to create machines to double check our own work. All to make sure they perform exactly as you need.


From arena stages to storied luthier shops, no strings perform better. 
We make the most reliable and sustainable strings and accessories you can buy. 


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