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Logos & Brand Guidelines


This policy is designed to help you use D'Addario Logos and Brands to show your support for D'Addario products, or to advertise or promote our products and programs. We grant you permission to use the D'Addario Logos and Names shown below for those purposes, so long as you follow these guidelines. No separate agreement or discussion from our lawyers is necessary. If you'd like to make any use of any logo or brand that is not covered by this document, you must contact us at support@daddario.com and include a visual mockup of your intended use.

  • Your use must be to show your support for D'Addario products, your use of D'Addario products, or to advertise or promote D'Addario products and programs. Those are "permissible uses."
  • Do not modify or change the Logo or Brands in any way.
  • Do not add your name or logo, or other words, images, designs, or any other elements to the D'Addario Logo or Brands.
  • Do not use the Logo or Brands in a way that suggests sponsorship of endorsement by D'Addario or its Brands.
  • Do not use the D'Addario Logo or any Brand in a way that would harm D'Addario's goodwill or reputation.



The D'Addario corporate brand uses a simple color palette of red, black, silver and white that conveys passion and confidence.



Use our official logo in its unmodified form.
Allow enough clear space surrounding the logo to ensure its visual integrity.


Alter the lockup in any way from its original form.
Animate the logo. Use any other marks or logos to represent our brand.


By using the D'Addario marks you agree to follow the above guidelines as well as our Website Terms and Conditions of Use and all D'Addario rules and policies. D'Addario reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change the permission in this policy at any time at its sole discretion. For further information about the use of D'Addario's name and trademarks, please contact us.


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