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The D'Addario Family has been in the business of musical instrument string making for over three hundred years. From humble origins in 17th century Italy to today's state-of-the-art facility in Farmingdale, New York, the sound of virtually every stringed instrument has been perfected here.

Our Facility

Our production facility features state-of-the-art equipment, designed and engineered by us. Using the wisdom we've accrued over the past decades, we've built everything to exacting specifications in order to maximize efficiency, while continuously seeking innovation in materials and processes.

The Process


Our wire drawing equipment is specifically designed to manufacture high-carbon steel music wire. To create the best guitar strings in the world, we craft both hexagonal and round-shaped wire. We have complete control over the process, working with vendors to obtain high quality high carbon steel, utilizing precise drawing ties, and choosing environmentally friendly drawing lubricant.


Our wire straightening equipment is engineered to consistently exceed the music industry standard. We also have the ability to supply ring-cast wire crafted with the same exacting standards of quality. 


Every spool we produce is inspected for diameter (size/shape), straightness, tensile strength, twist capacity, and cosmetics. Every step of the process has been perfected for efficiency and effectiveness.


Wire Finishes

We offer brass or tin surface finish on our wire, depending on the need and application of our customers. Our tin is Grade A-lead free, RoHS compliant, and only procured via conflict-free smelters. Our supplier conforms to the legislation set forth in the Dodd Frank Act and by the EICC.

Finished Products

Many HCS providers quote 4 to 12 week lead times. We aim to maintain a full stock of the most popular sizes and shapes in music wire ready to ship within a week.

Environmentally Conscious

Over the years, we have made a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint in all of our operations. Our new equipment operates at an unprecedented efficiency, requiring less electric power than ever before. We recycle all scrap metal, only deal with conflict-free smelters, and keep waste to a minimum. We also properly store and dispose of our necessary chemicals/supplies for our factory.

Domestically Sourced

D'Addario has a long history in New York and takes great pride in creating American-made products. All of our high carbon steel wire is sourced domestically. The control of all of our raw materials allows us an unmatched level of quality in each of our products, particularly when it comes to wire, the foundation of instrument strings.

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