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How to Choose Tom Heads

For most drummers, toms will outnumber any other type of drumhead in a set. But whether you’re a jazz drummer with a single tom or a rock star with six, knowing how to choose a tom head is important. Choosing a tom head really comes down to two things: sound and durability.

EVANS makes tom heads which produce all types of sounds, from very dark ‘thuds’ to very bright ‘tings.’ The tone will mostly depend on the thickness of the head. Thinner heads will have more attack and sound punchy, defined, and articulate, while thicker heads have a tone which will blend in a bit more. Therefore, in general, single ply heads are brighter, while double ply heads are darker. However, two plies will give you more of the second important aspect of tom heads: durability.

How hard you hit, how often you play, and your style are all part of how much durability you’ll want from your head. You already know that double ply heads have more durability. But on top of that, coated heads, like UV2 and G1 Coated, will provide additional durability so you can hit harder for longer without having to change your tom head. They’ll also dampen overtones if you prefer that.

Additionally, EVANS tom heads sometimes use technologies that can increase durability or affect sound. Hydraulics for instance, are made with a thin layer of oil between two plies of film which suppresses unwanted overtones and makes them famously easy to tune. EC2S tom heads feature a Sound Shaping Technology (SST) ring on the underside, which delivers a tight sound with reduced high frequencies and enhanced attack.

As you can tell, EVANS has a lot of options when it comes to tom heads. You can use the “Sound Profile” tab on each EVANS tom head product page to see where that tom head sits as far as Tone, Attack, Sustain, and Durability, then choose the best option for you. 

Oh, and be sure to get the right size for your tom!

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