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Be prepared for your next big performance or practice session with EVANS™ drum set drumheads. Offering a wide range of heads for snare batter, snare side, tom batter, tom reso, bass batter, & bass reso.

How to Choose Tom Resonant Heads

There are a few different options when it comes to tom reso heads. But how to choose a tom resonant head really comes down to your desired sound and size. Knowing the size of your tom is important as not every tom reso head is available in every size, so it’s wise to start with that. Once you’ve chosen a size, focus on the tone you’d like to find. EVANS Tom Reso heads product pages have great explanations of the tone you can expect from each head. EC Resonant heads for instance offer a centered pitch while correcting tuning inconsistencies. Resonant black tom heads have a very cool dark aesthetic and reduced sustain. G1 coated heads add warmth while blending bright tone with greater sustain and sensitivity.

So to sum it up, choose your size, choose your head, and let your tom tone resonate!

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