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Be prepared for your next big performance or practice session with EVANS™ drum set drumheads. Offering a wide range of heads for snare batter, snare side, tom batter, tom reso, bass batter, & bass reso.

How to Choose a Snare Drumhead

Snare drumheads can have a significant impact on the sound of your kit. EVANS makes a variety of snare heads, to give you everything from damp “thuds” to sharp “pings”. Your sonic preferences are important, but to choose a snare drumhead you need to first pick a size. Not all EVANS heads come in all sizes, so you’ll definitely want to start there.

Once you know the size of your snare, you can further narrow down your snare batter options by choosing single or double ply. Thinner heads will have more attack and sound punchy, defined, and articulate, while thicker heads have a tone which will blend in a bit more. Therefore, in general, single ply heads are brighter, while double ply heads are darker. However, two plies will give you more of another important aspect of snare heads: durability.

EVANS Snare Batter product pages have detailed explanations of each head. You can find any sound you’re looking for—and all EVANS heads feature Level 360 Technology to provide ease of tuning, extended pitch range, and optimum quality of sound. There are tried-and-true single ply options like Power Center Reverse Dot, which provide a definitive snare sound, fat backbeat, and solid rebound. There are also coated, double ply heads like UV2, which use patented UV-cured coating to create a premier drumhead with increased attack and maximum durability. 

There are no shortage of options when it comes to EVANS snare batters. So, no matter what your snare drumhead preference, we’ve got you covered.

How to Tune a Snare Drumhead

Tuning a snare drumhead isn’t difficult, but there are certain steps you should take to do it right. If you want to know the best way to tune a snare drumhead, check out our How to Tune a Snare Drumhead resource and choose your snare type.

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